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3/9/2009 - Posted by:
Valentino & Associates, LLC
Phone: 503-968-7370
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After having bad luck with previous property managers, we searched for over a year looking for one that actually cared about the properties they were managing, and that looked out for the owner's investments.  After many, many over the phone interviews with prospective managers and learning that there just weren't very many good ones out there, we found Yvonne Valentino.  She has gone out of her way to find us the best tenants possible, and has gone above and beyond to make them and ourselves happy.  We hope to never have to look for another property manager again.  It would be very difficult to find one to replace Yvonne.


Jean & Roger Egberg

Portland Oregon Investors



I'm a San Francisco resident. In Feb of 2005, I started looking into the Portland real estate market with the goal of finding a rental property.  My only problem was that I have never been to Portland, nor did I know of anyone that could help me get a kick start. I spent a lot of time reading information from the internet and thru website searches I connected with Yvonne Valentino.  I decided to hook up with her because not only she provides real estate services but property management services as well. This was a good selling point for me since I was looking for a one stop shop.


Not having worked with her before, I took a chance and flew to Portland on a weekend in April 2005 to look at some properties. I was very impressed with Yvonne with her professionalism. Her prep work was impeccable as she already lined up a list of properties that she felt met my criteria. My trip ended up being very productive as I found a property to my liking.  The next four weeks was quite an experience for me as Yvonne facilitated the transaction as smoothly as possible. Her attention to details was superb. In fact I ran into a problem with a lender of my choosing that almost derailed the purchase but Yvonne was able to rescue the deal by connecting me to one of her trusted mortgage broker's. As it turned out, the purchase went through and less than a month later the house was rented.  With this event, I was totally sold on Yvonne’s one stop shop.


Four months later, I got another rental property. This one was quite an experience since I had Yvonne totally drive it. Yvonne really knows how to evaluate a property in terms of its rapid return on your investment. She looks at it from both the future market value and quick turnaround for tenant occupancy. In fact, I only saw the property after the close of escrow and I was not disappointed. Yvonne really knows her craft. The property was also rented in less than a month which was truly remarkable. 


Yvonne and I have built a very good relationship. I take care of the financing and she handles the rest.  I'm 600 miles away but I know my properties are in good hands. Thanks to Yvonne.


Noel Manalansan

Investor & IT software development manager, Visa U.S.A.



I have worked with Yvonne since April 2004.  As an expatriate living in Asia, I was immediately impressed with Yvonne's resume in, not only real estate and property management, but in expatriate human resources prior to her real estate career.  It seemed the perfect fit.


Yvonne helped us quickly find a tenant and prepare our home for rental as I was moving on assignment to Asia.  While living and working in Asia, Yvonne took care of our home and gave us continuous updates on the home via email.  The next year, we decided to sell our home through Yvonne.  By working through phone, fax, email and express mail, we were able to complete the sale of our home, without having to travel back to Oregon to make it happen.


After that sale, we continued to work with Yvonne to find another home for our family whenever we might return to Oregon.  Yvonne kept in close contact with us, sending us listings, taking in our likes and dislikes and getting a broad sense of what we were looking for in a home.  Yvonne found that home for us.  We were able to complete this transaction by long distance, once again.  Yvonne's experience in this area was invaluable. 


The service that Yvonne has provided us through these past couple years has been above and beyond any of our expectations.  She has kept in touch...learned about our needs...and made good things happen.  THANKS!


Brian Howson

Expatriate & Investor living in China




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