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    Bay Area Property Managers Inc

    About Us

    Ali Rankankan started his career in Real Estate while working for Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco as a fraud investigator in 1984.  After understanding that there was money to be made in turning properties, he turned in his resignation at the bank and shifted his focus in Real Estate, developing properties in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solano County.  The rewards were much more of a hobby than a way of living explained, Mr. Rankankan.  He enjoyed investing into homes that lacked character and adding his own final touches and being able to sell it in the open market after the remodels.  At the beginning, this mark was on a much lighter scale; one house at a time until he saved enough money to invest in a few projects at a time.  He grew his business and teamed up with partner Amir Alavi where they joined forces and took on projects that seemed to be bad investment to the public eye, but behind the scenes the partners were cashing in on a trend they were setting. A decade later, Ali began to also attack the mortgage sector as his experience with loan officers began to crumble.  He felt the need to handle this job himself.  His name made the papers as dedicated Real Estate agent for Realty World in Oakland. His experience seemed to make a good impression to those around him. He started sharing his secrets and helping people get a start of their own.  His business began to take off and with no marketing he was handling over 30 transactions a year not including mortgages, and his own personal projects.  In 2005, Ali began incorporating property management to his already successful real estate office and mortgage company.  In 2004, he met up with a successful banker named Sunny Thiara. Since the inception these two were bound to make big things happen. After Sunny retired from the banking industry, Ali approached his confidant and they agreed to be partners and build this Real Estate Empire.

    Sunny Thiara is a resident in the local Bay Area and has been studying the real estate market for the past 10 years. His career in Real Estate began when writing legislation in San Diego under Senator Dede Alpert.  At age 24, he played a pivotal role in assisting Qualcomm to acquire Jack Murphy Stadium. While assisting with land acquisition he was also assigned a task of campaign financing, working closely with lobbyist, insurance companies, banks, and other interest groups.  In 1997, Sunny moved back to the Bay Area and continued to work with land acquisition assisting the purchase of Crescent Shopping Center in Pleasant Hill.   Soon after the project was complete, his career took off in handling residential and commercial mortgages and real estate.  He was awarded top producer with every retail outfit he worked for. He was known around town as Sunshine.  While working under Fred Sand’s Premier Properties in Blackhawk, California, he was forced to find a new outfit when he received news that Fred Sands was being taken over. Finding himself in a world of change, Sunny decided to pursue wholesale lending.  It wasn’t long before he made an impression on his company, receiving awards and being pursued by his competitors.   In addition to working with the banks, Sunny teamed up with Ali Rankankan and began adding to another portfolio. Sunny Thiara retired from the wholesale lending market in 2006 and Ali approached Sunny to become a full partner to add his experience and grow a successful real estate empire.  Sunny accepted and created Bay Area Property Managers, Incorporated.

    Bay Area Property Managers Inc
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