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Rich Bieker
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    RAB Property Management



    We collect all rents and other income derived by the property.

    Any excess funds are direct deposited into your bank account monthly.


    The following items can be paid by us from your account:




    Contract help


    Association fees
    Services agreements
    Consulting services


    You will receive a monthly and annual report.  See your reports on the internet. Here is an example of what your internet report would look like and the method to access it. First you will need to enter a user ID and password to get into your private directory. The user ID for this example is "guest" and the password is "password" without the quotation marks. After the year has ended you will also receive a 1099 for your income tax preparation.


    Clients are shielded from tenants by hiring us to make management decisions.  All decisions about the property such as the amount of rent to be charged, which tenant to rent to and who to hire to do repairs with be ours.  From time to time we may consult with our clients as to financial decisions about the property.  These are usually major cost items that exceed the monthly income from the property.


    New tenants are screened for credit, criminal history, past evictions, employment and previous tenancies.

    Tenant issues are addressed promptly, rules are established where necessary.  Tenant rights are respected and protected.

    If eviction is necessary of one of our approved renters, we will take care of the costs for eviction.Security deposits are held in a special trust account designated by law.


    We evaluate properties to generate the maximum amount of income and return on investment.  Maintenance and repair issues are addressed.  Compliance with laws and regulations are reviews periodically.We will work with your agent to resolve any Insurance claims.


    RAB Property Management

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