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Matt Fairfield
E. 9th
Cleveland, OH 44115
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    Chateau Management

    Why should you use Chateau Management Property Management Services when there are so many other property management companies available to you? Well, there are a couple of reasons why...

         First, my property management rates are generally lower than the other guys. This of course is one of the most important key points you will be interested in as a homeowner looking for a property manager. The average property management fee is 10% plus they tack on hidden charges and/or above average mark-ups, which means you are already making money by saving money with me as your property manager!

         For one flat rate per unit you get the full gambit of my services. I manage your rental unit as though it were one of my own. I don't tack on extra charges for fixing things. What I charge you on anything is most often what it would cost me out of pocket myself if it really were one of my own properties! These expenses are ALWAYS lower than the going market rates. For example, the average rates for an Emergency Furnace or Boiler Service Call will range between $75 and upwards of $100! Chateau Management's Emergency Furnace & Boiler Service Call is ONLY $60

    The next reason is trust. That is to say, you need to be confident that you can trust whom ever you choose to manage your property(s). Without trust, you will have no peace of mind. With farm boy work ethics and the fact that I manage each property as I would if I owned it myself, you will have that peace of mind knowing that you don't have to worry. I know what it takes to keep expenses as low as possible, even if I have to swing the hammer myself rather than hiring someone else. Remember, saving money is making money! And that's what I aim to do.  

         And last but not least, experience. When it comes to property management I've seen and done a lot. Including something that the vast majority of my competition has not, in being a hands on investor myself. An owner & operator of real estate investment properties, and a lot of them! What's more, I'm extremely experienced in public housing (Section 8). Those pesky section 8 inspections are a breeze for me and I always pass. I have NEVER lost any section 8 tenants due to failure of an inspection. And that takes more than swinging hammers and painting walls. It requires as much with personability with the inspectors and the case workers as much as it does repairing violations and maintaining properties.

         So compare me to the other guys. I'm confident, and you will be too, that you will get the most out of my services and never regret your decision to hire me as your new property manager! Also keep in mind that I have never lost a customer for any reason other than the property selling! That is a 100% customer service satisfaction rate!

    Full Property Management Services include:

    -   Field Tenant Complaints / Problems / Concerns!
    -   Perform Basic Maintenance and Repairs!
    -   24/7 Emergency Response!
    -   Collect Rent!
    -   Coordinate and Manage 3rd party repairs!
    -   Negotiate 3rd party services to below market rates!
    -   Attending to Inspections (S8, City, ETC.)!
    -   Private and Secure Client Area on back end of website with 24/7 access and up to date     information about your property. Your client area allows you to ask questions, get answers,     review documents, upload/download photo's, upload/download document, and much more!
    -   Peace and mind that your investment is in the best possible hands!
    -   Most importantly, I've been a real estate investor myself which means I know lots of little tricks     to SAVE you money and to keep your bottom line as low as possible. You won't find that with     most other property managers
    Chateau Management, Property Management, Property Manager, Rentals, Real Estate, Cleveland

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